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We will get you the help you need even if it doesn’t fit in with our services. Call us today to get a plan for you or a loved one.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Each Client is treated as a unique individual who requires a collaborative & multidisciplinary team approach to effect sustained …

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Insurance Navigation Services

In a time of crisis, determining health insurance coverage and dealing with financial realities can be overwhelming. RSCT has the...

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Intensive Outpatient Programs

The Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) affords Clients the ability to continue to work and take care of family responsibilities while ...

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Our Services

All Patients seeking treatment at RSCT undergo a comprehensive evaluation as soon as possible after first contact. At RSCT we believe a delay in advised… 

The Intensive Outpatient Program affords Clients the ability to continue to work and take care of family responsibilities while engaging in more…

Individual counseling is designed to offer the Client an opportunity to process problems and issues on a one to one basis. Group Therapy is designed…

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Testing: Regular Urine Screening is an integral treatment component designed to support treatment and recovery…

Aftercare and Long-term Recovery Planning are essential components of every Client’s treatment plan. RSCT will proactively work with the Client’s…

Reinhard has conducted over 1000 successful interventions and has learned by experience that every patient and/or family situation is unique and requires…

Recovery Services of Connecticut is in network with Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tricare, and Husky and can take all other insurances out of network.

Physicians, attorneys, airline pilots, etc. in professional monitoring programs are staying sober at rates 4 to 5 times higher when compared… 

"Recovery Services of Connecticut 203-421-6242 We are here to help. To speak with an advisor in complete confidence, give us a call or simply submit your contact information and an Addiction Specialist will reach out to you (via your preferred contact method), as soon as possible. Any information submitted to RSCT is strictly confidential. We understand the importance of privacy and will in no way share your information without your express consent."

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The RSCT Team Is A Group Of Dedicated And Enthusiastic Individuals With Unique Backgrounds, Experiences, Specialties, And Expertise That Embody A Proven Approach To Successful Treatment.

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Clients Feedback

Necs Tech

I was seeking specialized therapy for alcohol and drug addiction and found it here at Recovery Services of CT. The staff is amazing. I have my APRN provider, that manages my medication, and I have the most wonderful therapist Jessica. I have worked with her for almost two years now, her help and guidance has been overwhelming. Highly recommend!!!!

Kyle Gorham

Me and my family are so grateful for this program. I cannot understate the amazing effort, compassionate support, and professionalism of Dr. Reinhard and everyone else at Recovery Services CT. The truly inspirational staff continue to help people make lasting changes in their lives. Thank you so much for giving people like us the chance to take our lives back!

Lisa Ferguson

I respect the high quality of the therapists here. They are what I hope for as therapists. They are passionate, well-educated and simply amazing at what they can do. I have a sober living and we use this service with great success. With their guidance, the house stays on track and the people who live here thrive.

David Martin

Fantastic program. Helpful in learning how to deal with everyday struggles of early sobriety. Supportful staff willing to go above and beyond to accommodate you financially. Overall great experience.

Payton Smith

Hands down the best IOP program I have ever attended. It has benefited my ongoing recovery process with better results than any other. The staff is so knowedgble and friendly and you just know they just love what they do. I highly recommend RSCT.

Recovery Warrior

Reinhard Straub is a highly experienced addiction recovery professional with a passion for helping others overcome the disease of addiction. He is outgoing, likable, relatable, knowledgeable, empathetic and humorous! Humor is so important in recovery. His clients instantly feel a sense of connection because his heart is all in! I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who needs help. The actual outpatient clinic is newly renovated, very professional, warm and inviting. - Heather Sinclair