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Substance Abuse Treatment


Sobriety is possible. Our treatment professionals at Recovery Services of Connecticut in Madison specialize in all types of Substance Abuse Treatment. Many of us know someone or themselves are affected by a drug or alcohol addiction. Substance Abuse Treatment is the most effective way to recover. Addiction Abuse Treatments can vary from an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) or even a PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program). We implement a variety of therapy tactics for substance abuse treatment that have been proven to be the most successful in the recovery arena. Recovery is not an easy process but the first step to sober living begins by seeking Substance Abuse Treatment.

Addiction is classified as a medical disease and it is best cured by seeking professional Substance Abuse Treatment. Substance Abuse Treatment can be done in various lengths of time and at different locales. It is common that several different therapeutic components will be involved.

Some people might require a thirty day stay at a Substance Abuse Treatment facility. For many others, the procedure is done through an Intensive Outpatient Program with regular group and individual counseling sessions plus therapy. Addiction Recovery Services may or may not include maintenance medication dependant on the severity and type of your drug or alcohol addiction. The most effective Substance Abuse Treatment is effective when you commit to therapy and counseling. It is imperative to find the right type of substance abuse treatment. Recovery is possible with hard work. 

Types of Addiction Abuse Treatment

As mentioned previously, the type and severity of addiction will affect what type of treatment that is best suited for you. Just about anyone with an addiction will require some form of detox to clear the body of drug and alcohol from the body. Severe cases of addiction might require residential or inpatient treatment. Partial Hospitalization Programs provide a more moderate level of care whereas an Intensive Outpatient Program affords the clients to continue working and or enjoying their normal everyday life with friends and family.

(PHP) Partial Hospitalization Program

A Partial hospitalization programs is a highly effective form of treatment that allows you to live at the rehab facility or a sober living home near the recovery center. You still get similar addiction services but more than likely you will attend fewer hours of therapy. In some cases you may be able to leave the recovery center for work, school and family visits.

(IOP)  Intensive Outpatient Program

After detox and inpatient treatment, most people will graduate onto an Intensive Outpatient Program. Intensive Outpatient Programs consist of group therapy, individual therapy, and medication assisted treatments. Progression through the addiction treatment process will mean fewer and less frequent appointments.

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Substance Abuse Therapy

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