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Rehab Near Madison CT


Heal from Addiction and Substance Abuse · Rehab Near Madison CT

If you are trying to regain control and establish a sober living lifestyle abstaining from alcohol, drugs or any type of substance abuse you’re in the right place. Recovery Services of Connecticut is backed by:

  • The highest accreditation in healthcare from The Joint Commission
  • Proven rehabilitation and success stories
  • Accredited and experienced staff
  • Private insurance coverage Husky Health Connecticut and Tricare

Not sure when to start looking for a rehab near Madison CT? Anytime you ask yourself that question it is a good time to consider talking with a professional in the addiction field. Talking with a compassionate person that completely understand exactly what it is you might be going through and how to navigate to safer living lifestyle. We will give you the best options without judging you or any loved one.

Stop waiting, get the answers you need now for a sober lifestyle. You are here because you or a loved one needs help with getting sober. You do not have to be ready to commit to anything just give us a call so we can assist you with getting your life back on track. We have an IOP (intensive outpatient program) that allows clients the freedom to maintain your day to day activities. You can take care of family responsibilities and still maintain a job while engaging in the IOP. Your treatment is custom tailored to allow a flexible schedule while on the path to recovery.

What is it like at Recovery Services of Connecticut?

71 Bradley Road, Suite 6, Madison, CT 06443

You are surrounded by a vibrant area nestled against a quaint beach town. Step by step recovery for life that will allow you to finally start living, laughing and coping without alcohol or drugs. Recovery Services of Connecticut’s surroundings are beautiful and intriguing. They will inspire the mind, body and spirit, allowing for a smoother sober transition. Many people looking for a rehab near Madison CT don’t always live in the immediate area. Many even travel in from out of state allowing for a newer environment that is serene and eliminates the distractions and  bad influences that are at the core of someone’s addiction problem. 

Meet the Recovery Services of Connecticut’s compassionate team. Because of our industry leading reputation in the Tri-State area, we are able to select from the most passionate, experienced and highly trained addiction experts. From registered nurses, therapists, licensed clinical social workers and PhDs you and your family can easily rest assured that you are surrounded by the most positive environment.

Choose Life with a step by step recovery for life. Unfortunately, patients can relapse and sometimes fall into the trap of excuses and denial. Recovery is truly the only hope for a better and healthier lifestyle. Our main goal is helping you with staying sober long term with effective and compassionate treatment. 

Let us help you choose the Right Path to a step by step recovery.  When you decide to select rehab near Madison CT make sure they are an approved treatment center by The Joint Commission gold seal. Get started today with turning around your life with professional help.

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Rehab Near Madison CT

We are here to help.
To speak with an advisor in complete confidence, give us a call or simply submit your contact information above and an addiction specialist will reach out to you (via your preferred contact method), as soon as possible.

Any information submitted to RSCT is strictly confidential. We understand the importance of privacy and will in no way share your information without your express consent.


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Recovery Services of Connecticut
71 Bradley Road
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Madison, CT 06443

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Rehab Near Madison CT

Rehab Near Madison CT

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