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How to Choose The Right New Haven Rehab Center

Have you ever considered a New Haven Rehab? To understand when it is the right time to reach out is crucial. There is nothing to be ashamed about heading towards the path of recovery. Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, or family member, it is never too late to seek out professional help.

When you decide to participate and consult a New Haven Rehab, know that it is one of the most successful alternatives to help you overcome addiction and the dire effects that come with it. If you know you are sincerely ready to start the initial steps towards a healthier lifestyle via recovery, you should consult a New Haven Rehab near me. Finding the right fit is key and making sure certain elements are available to you, like receiving treatment while you are still living your life. In other words, you can maintain your day to day activities and still go to work and co-exist with your family and friends on a daily basis.

Moreover, it is imperative that you know all New Haven Rehab facilities do not offer the same level of recovery services. When you need help choosing a New Haven Rehab, you should make sure the facilities are accredited by The Joint Commission and hold a National Quality Approval Seal. Recovery Services of Connecticut holds these and other accredited seals of approval from distinguished commissions and state boards.

You should also keep in mind there is a difference between available alcohol and drug recovery services in CT. Some New Haven Rehab centers will strictly focus on only a particular type of drug addiction whereas other New Haven Rehabs have the abilities and staff to treat a wide range of drug dependencies. Also, there are different settings for each New Haven Rehab. One might be a residential inpatient rehab facility whereas the other one might provide outpatient recovery services. They both have benefits but the main advantage to IOP and outpatient recovery services is your ability to continue living your life.

Recovery Services of Connecticut specializes in offering intensive outpatient or IOP programs in New Haven that allow you to continue working and engaging family and friends. The only downside to inpatient treatment is having to be away for extended periods of time without contact from family or friends. You are also not able to work and keep your professional life on course. Inpatient addiction treatment typically requires 90 days and it can be extremely costly when compared to intensive outpatient programs. Most people don’t have the time or money to attend inpatient, which means the next best choice is to consider an intensive outpatient New Haven Rehab.

An IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) permits a patient the ability to garner the support that they will require to abstain from the dire effects of addiction that they are suffering from. IOP programs allow you to gain help from professional drug and alcohol counselors, medical doctors, and the recovery tools you need through a variety of supportive, hands-on activities like counseling and support groups in a health setting.

Recovery Services of Connecticut takes great pride in that they are regarded among the best drug rehab centers in New Haven CT and beyond. Substance abuse left untreated is a surefire path to the destruction of your personal life and health. Our medical support staff and licensed drug counselors use a compassionate approach and fully understand the proper steps it takes to successfully complete a variety of substance abuse programs.

Do not allow alcohol and drugs destroy your’s, a family member’s, or friend’s life more than it already might have. Investing in yourself will allow you to discover that life is once again worthy and enjoyable for you and all of those around you.

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