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New Haven Rehab Center by Recovery Services of Connecticut. Not only is addiction a cunning disease but its stealthy ability to strike at any given moment lulls people into thinking that it doesn’t exist. An intensive outpatient program by an accredited New Haven Rehab Center is your best solution for confronting addiction and substance abuse related issues.

When a person’s life becomes uncontrollable and unmanageable they believe they can conquer any negativity by self-medicating with drinking or substance abuse. Their obsessions to gain control of their drinking or substance abuse related issues can spiral out of control, possibly causing detrimental and even fatal consequences. Not only will they encounter issues with family and friends but work and your professional life will be likely effect as well. Having an intensive outpatient program will give them the tools they need to control and conquer these feelings and actions in a more supportive manner.

The first process of receiving treatment while still living can be done in one of our intensive outpatient programs but the person must first admit that they have a problem. Substance abuse and chronic alcohol use is known to obstruct the survival part of the brain. Having experts who are well versed in the techniques used to free this heavy burden from oneself is best done via professionals at a New Haven Rehab Center.

If a patient has already detoxed and gotten thru any inpatient rehabilitation processes, then the next step is an intensive outpatient program. This is done when a person is ready to step down and accept the responsibilities and accountability that come with the structure from a New Haven Rehab Center. More freedoms are granted and trust is taken back by the patient so they can start receiving more treatments while still living their everyday lives. Acclimating back into normalness will begin and family, friends, co-workers and schoolmates will easily notice the healthier you on the road to recovery.

One of the main focuses for our New Haven IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is for the patient to attend individual sessions with a therapist as well as psychotherapy groups. As the patient progresses less time is spent in groups and individual sessions allowing them to participate with family, friends, and employment again. This type of transitioning has proven to be highly effective. Through the psycho-therapeutic component, patients are then allowed the freedom of working on re-building a healthier family relationship. Boundaries will be more clearly defined as well as addressing the triggers that can cause relapses.

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