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Intensive Outpatient Program CT


IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program CT · Our outpatient programs vary from a lesser controlled program with flexibility, to a more involved and intense regiment. Recovery Services of Connecticut IOP’s are comparable to residential treatment programs except the patient returns home each evening allowing the freedoms to maintain their jobs and everyday lives. 

During the outpatient phase of treatment, patients will experience a greater deal of liberty compared to other stages of treatment from inhouse rehab. Keep in mind that with these freedoms come greater responsibilities. Our main goal is to help our patients attain and maintain long term sober living. At Recovery Services of Connecticut, we hold our patients and staff alike to the highest standards of excellence.

An intensive outpatient program ct can be extremely helpful to an individual’s sober path and recovery journey, but sometimes it’s not for everyone. It is an idyllic type of treatment plan that best fits a patient who has completed residential treatment that has a supportive and safe sober living arrangement, either through sober housing or with family.

Individualized Treatment Thru Ongoing Care

At Recovery Services of Connecticut, all patients will undergo a thorough assessment period before being admitted. Our clinical and medical staff will strive to completely comprehend each patients needs so that a personalized treatment plan can be tailored according to the patient’s unique needs. RSCT allows for an adaptable schedule that is flexible, plus we offer dedicated programs for men, women, older adults and younger adults.

The NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) endorses addiction treatment programs that last at the very least ninety days to increase the probability of long term recovery through sober living. An Intensive Outpatient Program CT fits better for those who are in the process of transitioning from a residential program but still need to and want to continue treatment. Recovery Services of Connecticut patients will typically remain with this level of care for eight to twelve weeks.

Clients who participate in our Intensive Outpatient Program CT can also take advantage of some of our other services we offer.

  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Aftercare Programs
  • Interventions
  • Treatment for Professionals
  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Family Therapy & Education
  • National Referrals
  • Drug Screening
  • Insurance Navigation

Benefits of an IOP versus Residential

For some patients and their families, an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program CT) will be much more economical than a typical residential treatment facility. Many insurance companies including Husky Health & TriCare cover intensive outpatient programs and sometimes even require the patient to complete an IOP before they will even provide coverage for residential treatment facility. Recovery Services of Connecticut sober living and mental health experts are very knowledgeable with assisting their patients in understanding what their insurance can cover. Contact us anytime for assistance in clearing up what your payment and coverage options best suit your situation.

Recovery Services of Connecticut programs are intensive for a reason while offering more flexibility than residential treatment. Sessions, meetings, group activities and workshops are scheduled all throughout the day and evening. This permits you to continue living your everyday life including work, education or even being with your family and friends. There is not an exact amount of time that you will spend at Recovery Services of Connecticut, each schedule will vary from person to person. Dependant on a patients certain needs and schedule, they could easily account for ten to thirty hours a week partaking in a variety of programs. Many Recovery Services of Connecticut patients will at least attend IOP sessions three to five days a week in three and four hour blocks.

Furthermore, Recovery Services of Connecticut empowers patient to see real time results and experience sober living. Our patients also have the unique opportunity to meet those with similar experiences and like long term goals. Putting their newfound skills to use in everyday life so they can eventually leave the IOP and return home with a brighter outlook.

No one has ever said the road to long lasting and long term recovery is not an easy one, but Recovery Services of Connecticut is here to assist you on your path toward a sober living lifestyle. Our Intensive Outpatient Program CT is a practical next step for any of those who are really serious about their recovery.  Contact Recovery Services of Connecticut today to learn more about how our IOPs can fit into your long term recovery plan.

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Intensive Outpatient Program CT

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