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At Recovery Services Connecticut we strive to provide the most compassionate and utmost level of mental health services. We initiate a healthier process that will ingrain our patients with the direction, hope and tools that will allow them to ascertain the ability to alter their lives towards a step by step recovery where the end result is a stable recovery for life.

Drug Rehab New Haven for COCAINE ADDICTION

Cocaine is one of the most addictive stimulants and is constantly making a comeback an extremely dangerous drug. Each year thousands of people succumb to its heinous control. From crack cocaine to powder the consequences are severe and can ultimately be fatal when mixed with other drugs on this list. The load of stress that cocaine puts on a user’s heart and other major internal organs is easily extremely high and reaching a point of fatal toxicity is commonplace. The one silver lining is that recovery through an intensive outpatient program is one of the best ways to treat this addiction.

Drug Rehab New Haven for HEROIN ADDICTION

Heroin is in a class by itself when it comes to fatality and addictiveness and is easily one of the most widely abused substances today. Heroin is also one of the hardest addictions to overcome. Treating this epidemic on your own is a surefire recipe for disaster. The physical and emotion stresses that heroin puts on a patient is unbearable without professional help. Consulting a professional treatment center with proper accreditation will give you a better chance of beating this oftentimes fatal drug addiction. Recovery Services Connecticut is here to show you in a compassionate manner there is a way and life can be meaningful and enjoyable where you can connect with others again.


Many times an addiction to pain-killers can begin with a simple visit to the doctors office for an injury or even the dentist. The patient thinks because a Doctor prescribed it that it is safe. Most of the times this is true but many pain-killers can easily be misprescribed and over abused. The cunning ability of this disease is that many times the patient does not even realize they have crossed the line and are now entrenched fully into dependency. It does not matter how you developed your addiction to pain-killers but know that Recovery Services Connecticut is here to help you in the most compassionate manner. The first path involves abstaining and then learning about the myriad of alternatives to opiates and other highly addictive pain-killers.

Drug Rehab New Haven for METH ADDICTION

The negative effect the meth and amphetamines have on your body is crippling. The swift and addictive nature of meth is battled by increasing tolerance and wanting and craving more and more until you are almost completely unrecognizable. Many users just keep using because it is the only thing left that lets them feel good about anything. Recovery Services Connecticut is here to show you that you do not have to use meth for social confidence and how you can garner meaningful relationships once again. Meth is notorious for its rapid ability to make your life and health spiral out of control with detrimental consequences to your body and mind. The destructive impact of meth is undeniable and attempting to conquer this disease without a professional help is not recommended.

Drug Rehab New Haven for BENZO ADDICTION

One of the most common treatments for those who experience anxiety is to be prescribed benzos (Benzodiazepines). These highly addictive meds act as a tranquilizer and are commonly sought after by those who abuse painkillers. A crucial part of the recovery from benzos is getting assistance for the discomfort and anxiety in order to support a full recovery over the long term. Our compassionate staff will help the patient focus on techniques to reduce anxiety while at the same time increasing a sense of well being and overall comfort. Overtime the patient will realize that they can overcome the addiction to benzos.

Drug Rehab New Haven for MARIJUANA ADDICTION

Although medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular, recreational marijuana can be highly addictive substance that is easily abused. Recreational marijuana is legal in eleven states but one of the larger issues at hand is our youth who can’t quite comprehend how and when the dependency occurs. Marijuana is notorious for robbing its users of motivation and will. As a result, many other peripheral activities related to personal and professional are neglected and oftentimes left behind. Marijuana addiction is widely known to be a stepping stone or gateway drug to other harmful and addictive habits. A chronic marijuana abusers life can take on a pattern of substance abuse with poor focus that will interfere with the development of a healthy lifestyle.

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