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Alcohol Rehab in Connecticut


Get Into An Alcohol Rehab Today in Connecticut – Same Day Admissions Possible

Alcohol Rehab – Get 24 Hour Help Today! Recovery Services of Connecticut, We Are One Of The Leading Drug And Alcohol Rehabs In Connecticut. Let This Be Your Gateway To A New Life With Hope That Is Free From Alcohol Addiction. We Have Established Innovative  Techniques For Alcohol Treatment With A Compassionate Approach That Targets The Underlying Issues To Your Alcohol Addiction, The Main Goal Is To Achieve Long-Lasting Sobriety. Let The  Team At Recovery Services Of Connecticut Assist With Guiding You Through The Alcohol Rehab Process To Connect Your Mind, Body, And Spirit And Start You On Your Life-Long Journey Of Recovery. We Are Available To Help You Or Your Loved One Get Into A Rehab. Call Now And Get Help!


Husky & TriCare Insurance Accepted

Find Out  More About Our Alcohol Treatment Programs

Recovery Services of Connecticut’s program for alcohol and drug addiction serves after you have completed detox. Once detox is complete you will be in an addiction treatment program after the period which the patients’ bodies are cleansed of drugs and other harmful toxins. At Recovery Services of Connecticut, our central goal during medically supervised detox is to keep patients safe during their process of detox and to lessen as much of the discomfort and pain brought about by alcohol withdrawals as possible.

Licensed Alcohol Rehab

Breaking the cycle of Alcohol Addiction with professional rehabilitation services. Sometime a person might have multiple attempts at sobriety. repeating the detoxification and rehab process. Eventually the patient will finally be able to recognize a clean and sober path that is long lasting. Here at Recovery Services of Connecticut, we offer the most compassionate methods for alcohol rehab that are proven so we understand that it is not always easy to get sober on the first attempt

Anytime you or a loved one has struggles with alcohol addiction we understand how difficult it is going through this time period. Our highly trained addiction specialist and recovery professionals will get you the alcohol addiction help that will help with getting you sober.

Call Recovery Services of Connecticut today and speak with one of our knowledgeable and caring admissions coordinators so we can provide you with your best outpatient alcohol rehab options. Our Alcohol Rehab Programs Offer:

  • Exemplary Success Rates
  • Compassionate and Professional Staff
  • Personalized Treatment Programs
  • One on One Therapy and Group Therapy Sessions
  • Beautiful Surroundings
  • Proven Alcohol Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Relapse Prevention Programming

Recovery Services of Connecticut takes a personalized approach that permits the patient access to the highest quality of care they need. Every patient is treated uniquely according to their rehabilitation plan . We work with treatment and detox facilities throughout the country to give you the most effective and attentive care available in your area.

Each addiction is unique and should be treated in an individualized manner to lead you on the healthy journey to longtime recovery. Indeed, many treatment facilities will try to enroll you in their program, not recommend the one which is the best match for you or your loved one.

Individualized Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs will help you with understanding how and why your addiction to alcohol or drugs came about. Recovery Services of Connecticut will custom tailor an alcohol rehab treatment plan that gives you the best odds of overcoming your addiction for the long term.

All of Our Alcohol Treatment Centers Offer:

Comfortable recovery in a compassionate setting

Individualized Treatment Plans that help with uncovering your most glaring issues

Secure feeling knowing that you are in a compassionate and safe place

Feel comfortable by sharing your struggles in individual and group therapy

Alcohol Treatment Specific To Your Needs

At Recovery Services of Connecticut, we take the time to fully understand your needs according to your circumstances. Then we can better recommend the absolute best treatment program to meet your specific individualized requirements. We have established relationships with the leading treatment facilities that offer specialized care according to your needs.

Our recovery admissions specialist are knowledgeable and highly trained experts will tailor a plan that is  best suited to your individual needs.

When you are ready to begin a new chapter in your life and get back to a sober living lifestyle and everything you lost to your alcohol addiction, call Recovery Services of Connecticut.

Alcohol Rehab – How and when to start?

Taking the first step to recovery can begin today. Start now by calling today 203-421-6242. Our recovery professionals will assist with getting you into an alcohol rehab center as fast as possible. Call today get better tomorrow.

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Alcohol Rehab in Connecticut

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