Delphi Behavioral Health Group

Delphi Behavioral Health Group

Delphi Behavioral Health Group is a growing network of drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities that provides the entire spectrum of care to those who are ready to start on the road to addiction recovery.

The unique quality of our treatment methods comes from our commitment to on-demand care, comprehensive clinical therapies, and compassionate staff. Coupled with the intimate atmosphere cultivated by each of our facilities, our client-first approach is geared toward treating the root of addiction and facilitating lasting sobriety.

Here at Delphi, we understand that addiction is a chronic disease that’s unique to you. Because of this, our programs are designed to put your needs first throughout the treatment process. It’s all part of the Delphi Difference on which we center our treatment philosophy. From the first phone call to your twentieth year sober, we can help you manage your addiction and give you the tools you need to start a new life free from substance abuse.

Delphi Behavioral Health Group
(Left to Right) Reinhard Straub · Co Founder – RSCT | Patrick Downes · Business Development Manager – Delphi Behavioral Health Group @ Metacomet Golf Course

It is our mission to guide individuals, families, and communities through comprehensive quality addiction and mental health treatment. Our trained professionals are ready to help you start healing today. We’ll walk you through the entire process from the first phone call to admission into one of our facilities.

Our growing network of quality treatment centers is at your disposal. We have facilities located across the country and are dedicated to finding the one that fits your specific needs. Need to relocate to a different state? Our addiction specialists are on call with the means to get you to whichever facility works for you.